Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Toys

We've been talking about getting a DVD Recorder since my birthday (in March) and it finally happened on the weekend. Ended up with the Top-Of-The-Store model LG brand recorder with 250G of hardrive. That's alot of space to record pR0n i tells ya!!!

Anyway, the next thing to get was an upgrade to our Bell ExpressVU reciever. I have been using an OLD model for about 7 years. It worked great but it doesn't have the feature of working with the timer on the recorder. Now everything is cool. I am pretty happy to have something new to tinker around with...even though most people have been using DVD recorders for three years or so. I'm always behind the times.

No matter, now I can burn directly to a disk or save things on the Hardrive and edit them later. I can load pictures straight from the mem card and finally convert my home video directly to disk.


...as I get ready to play away at the features, etc of the new system, the power goes out! We had a pretty nasty storm last night. It tore up trees all over the city. Power is stil out in some areas, rooves were lifted, sheds blown away. Basically a mini hurricane without all the water. They say there were even a few tornados. CRAZY.

Luckily our neighbourhood was spared (except for the 4 hour power black out). I actually was able to BBQ our dinner on the deck without getting too wet.

Back to normal today (was hoping that somehow the office was blown away). Boo! Hiss!


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