Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two in one Day? What an Idiot!!!

Well it's been pissing rain here for a couple of days off and on and our baseball game is cancelled.

(this is me looking sad)

Organized sport is an odd animal. On one hand I love to win on the other it really is just nice to get out with some friends and hit the ball around. I've been on winning teams, like the current roster, and some that NEVER win. Oddly, I've enjoyed both equally.

Some teams are made up of friends and others are "assembled" from amongst the better players. I go for the friends teams because win or lose, there's always draft beer and food waiting at the pub.

So with the rain still pit-pattering on the roof, I will continue to practice my guitar and hope it stops for the long weekend.

Even the dogs look miserable. Maybe it's the rain...maybe it's my piss poor strumming technique.


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