Wednesday, August 31, 2005

That's right Suckas!!!

Only Idiots use a blog!

I know a lot of people may take offence to my Blog title and others will say "what an Idiot, he's using a Blog!"

Yes I am an idiot, there's no question there, ask anyone...go on...ASK!!

But what I am trying to convey is that a lot of the Bloggership out there are looking for something. A mate perhaps...therefore "Only Idiots use a Blog... to find a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex."

Or they use it as a place to showcase their"Only Idiots use a Blog...thinking that people care about your damn poetry"

Get it??

Others are using the blog system as a way to put forth their own personal ideas of Politics, Religion, War, Famine, Drugs or whatever else happens to be in the news. Believe me...these people are barking up the wrong tree if they think anyone takes their views seriously...this is Blog Country people, no one cares if you think Bush is wrong...most already know and either don't care or are resigned to that factoid.

So what DO we need Blogs for?

I think they are good spots for discussion...not preaching. Like I always say, opinions are like @$$holes...

I also think they are good for keeping in touch with family and friends...posting pictures of loved ones etc.

I am going to use mine to complain about stuff.
I am going to use it to spread gossip and vile rumours.

Who cares right?


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