Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Man

The Wayan Bros. must be stopped!

Ok...Scary Movie was funny. Scary Movie 2 and 3?? Not so much.

White Chicks nearly had me vomiting my SlimJims from the site of the brothers in that horrid white make-up and blue, china doll, eyes. *Shiver*

Now they come up with Little Man. About a pint-sized crook that evades the police by posing as a baby.

That's just blatant thievery....and stealing from Bugs Bunny ain't cool in my book sistah!

That's right they stole the entire premise from a Bugs Bunny Cartoon from 1954 call "Baby Buggy Bunny" featuring the celebrated voice of Mel Blanc as Ant Hill Harry aka Baby Face Finster. It's one of my favourite cartoons which is why this movie has gotten me all riled up. I hate remakes.

After all this, they had better make a decent movie out of the story, just for the sake of not tarnishing the great memory of the Bugs cartoon. But come on...really...This is going to be about as good as a Krusty Whatchamcarcass Sandwich...that's right, it's non-diseased meat but from a diseased animal...ugh!

Stuff like this make me pretty mad. Either 1) there is no creative minds left in Hollywood or 2) those people making movies are too lazy and scared to make original, creative movies. It's all about the opening weekend, "let's see how many people we can scam into seeing this steaming pile of horse shit and then go on to the next remake, or re-imaged pile of horse shit" thing.

I see they are remaking "Adventures in Babysitting" now with Raven Simone...what's next?

"Smurfs 2007" is sure to be a hit...

...damn smurfing Idiots!


Blogger prunella jones said...

I remember that cartoon! You're right, these TV show remakes are getting out of control. Next thing you know they'll make a Brady Bunch movie. What? They've made two? Well then....Jerry Springer the movie? Dukes of Hazzard? Beverly Hillbillies? D'oh! Damn you Hollywood!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Pamer said...

Hello Ms Jones thank you for checking out my blog. COOL!

I agree with the out of control comment. I think that's why I liked Pirates of the Caribbean so much. Yes it was inspired by a ride at Disney World, but that ride really is only an exaggerated piece of history. The only real hold over from Ride to Movie is the dog with the keys. I think it takes a lot of creativity to make 3 frickin movies loosely based on a ride. There is no such thing as Jack Sparrow on the ORIGINAL ride. No Barbossa. No Davy JOnes. No Will Turner. No Catherine Swan.

Apparently there is a new ride but that's not the point

10:53 AM  
Blogger D. Prince said...

Awesome post! I couldn't agree more.

I recently heard that a live action remake of "A Year Without a Santa Clause" is in the works. I'm none too pleased about it.

Leave Rankin Bass alone you Hollywood scum!!!

1:22 AM  

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