Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dead Man's Chest

We went to see Pirate's of the Caribbean 2 this afternoon.

It's THE Best example of how a summer movie should be. Pirates!!! More pirates I say!!!

I say this because there is no preachy sub text like in Superman Return or Xmen 3. It's not a Crib note version of a book like daVinci Code.

It was Damn Fun!

I think that once again Depp is superb as Sparrow...BUT maybe a little TOO Sparrow at some points. You know what I mean? It's hard for me to explain it. Like he is making a caricature of a character that is already a caricature of 'Keef'. Some times it seems like it's not Depp that is overacting, but Sparrow is overacting?!?! Like the character is going for the laughs. There are times when I was laughing at it but at the same time saying where's all the cheese to go with all this HAM!

And I gotta say,love her or hate her, Keira Knightly is beautiful. Gorgeous! Albeit, we never see her jutting chest bones or ribcage, she's hidden behind billowy dresses and pirate "puffy" shirts. Perhaps a good thing.

The Davy Jones creature is very cool as are his salty dog crew and SpongeBob should be very afraid of THIS Flying Dutchman. LOL

The only problem with going to a "family" movie is the freakin', hillbilly kids kicking the back of your seat...*sigh*....IDIOTS!!!


Blogger Raquel at work / Kelly at play said...

i must see pirates! i havent yet. didnt know it was already out. will make a note for next weekend maybe. johnny depp is a talented actor.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Pamer said...

It's such a good time. Get a big tub of popcorn, some jubes-jubes and a Diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper and enjoy.

8:59 AM  
Blogger D. Prince said...

I'm going tomorrow night, can't wait.

1:10 AM  

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