Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa and His 8 Tiny Sausage Stuffers

My sausage has a first name, it's C.U.P.I.D...come on everyone sing along...My sausage has another name, it's C.O.M.E.T.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy wild meat from time to time. I've had Moose, deer and Elk as well as Musk Oxen and Caribou. I just don't especially want Reindeer at Xmas time....that makes me cry!


Reindeer Hot Dogs Served For Holiday Season
Glenview Hot Dog Stand Serves Alaskan-Made Sausages

(CBS) GLENVIEW, Ill. Instead of flying in the air, this year a holiday favorite is flying off the grill. CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports reindeer hot dogs are red hot.You know red hots and bratwurst sausage with mustard, but do you recall an exotic hotdog for all? They're lining up at "fRedhots and Fries" in Glenview for festive holiday -- say it isn't so -- reindeer hotdogs. It's kind of like venison but less gamey," said Nicholas Koshiw of Wicker Park. It's not all Rudolph on a bun, there's a little beef and pork mixed in too. "It's got a strong flavor but not overpowering," said Chicago resident Gary Wiviott. Don't call owner Fred Markoff a Grinch. He got the idea to import the hot dogs from Alaska after a ski trip there. "I was watching the dogs run the Iditarod and there was this cart selling hot dogs," Markoff said. "They were reindeer hot dogs. That's even better," he said.

"I pretended this one was Prancer," Koshiw said. "We didn't eat Rudolph today. We ate some un-faced, un-named reindeer, so I am ok with that," said Lynette Engdhal of the West Loop. "fRedhots" ordered about 200 reindeer hot dogs from Alaska. Selling for $8 a piece, Markoff is afraid he'll run out, so he's about to place his second order.


Personally I can't wait until Easter when they mix up the Bunny Stew or deep fried rabbit feet....Yumm!


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