Thursday, September 21, 2006

See thru Technology

Remember those ads for "x-ray" glasses in the back of comic books and low-end men's magazines? Well, they might just become a reality thanks to Dr. Tim Drysdale.

Here's the skinny:

Dr. Drysdale, a graduate of Canterbury University, has been working on superhuman X-ray vision since 2003, when he was working on his Ph.D.

Technically, he isn't using X-rays. Instead, Dr. Drysdale is using terahertz waves which can see through clothes to find weapons or contraband and can even be used medically to determine how large a skin cancer is by looking from the surface.

Did Eye mention it can see through clothes? No? That's okay, because Dr. Drysdale did while talking to reporters.

"With terahertz imaging it is possible to see the body beneath the clothes, not just the bones that you see with X-rays," he said.

Terahertz waves lie between the highest radio frequencies and the far infrared, Drysdale explained, representing the last unexplored frontier of the radio and light-wave spectrum.

His research team achieved initial success when they discovered that sending ultra-fast pulses of visible light through specially engineered crystals could generate terahertz waves.

This is not theoretical, Drysdale and his team successfully demonstrated their device at the Britain's Royal Society meeting in July. Word of the terahertz device was passed to Queen Elizabeth, who has invited Dr. Drysdale to demonstrate it at Buckinham Palace next month -- a very big honor in the U.K.

Do you think he'll use them on the Queen?? LOL Imagine the price he could command with see thru pics of Her Majesty?

I totally see the importance of having such a devise for security measures etc, but can you imagine if Sony (or whomever) gets a chance to develop the technology for consumers? We may as well just all walk around in the buff.

Pretty neat stuff though.


Blogger Tink said...

My next invention is going to be thinly metal plated clothes.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Pamer said...

c'mon Tink...don't be such a square

9:12 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Well clothes still have the benefit of being more hygenic and protective than nothing. The technology is pretty cool.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Tink said...

Oh fine. Thinly metal-plated underwear then. ;)

3:59 PM  

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