Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oh the Pressure...

Ok. I'm already feeling the pressure to post...*coughMJcough*

So I'm only writing something today so that my poem isn't the last thing people will see.

Many things happening I guess...

Gas prices soar in a time when people in the southern US need to evacuate. Homes are devastated, planes are grounded, no trains or buses so officials feel the need to raise gas prices so that people are forced to pay higher prices.

What do you think?

The president had already announced that he would deal swiftly with price gouging and looting. What's the difference? Looks like Price Gouging to me...just from higher levels.

I know a lot of radio stations have stopped playing "New Orleans in Sinking" by the Tragically Hip out of respect. Ok...nice touch. Americans don't listen to TH anyway, but ok.

Another thought I had last night watching the devastation: Can you imagine what would have happened if the Mayor or NO hadn't have made a forced evacuation notice??? It really would have been as bad as the Tsunami.

ROCKSTAR INXS was really good last night. A little drama, a lot of talent and there are still 2 Canucks left; Suzie and JD. Personally I think JD is a good fit for the band. He's got attitude, sagger, sass and he can sing the **** out of it. A lot of people don't like him for many of the reason I stated but that's what a Rock Star is, isn't it?....or else my teen years listening to rock/heavy metal have taught me nothing.

Coronation Street has become a shoot em up, bad ass show lately. It looks like Micheal Bay is producing with all the explosions and high tension camera angles...It's Great!!! I won't spoil anything here but click on the side bar for a link to Corrie fans for more information and lots of fun. The chicks over there are awesome!!!

That's it...back to work.

An in conclusion..."Only Idiots use a Blog to blather on about things that happened the night before"

Pamer Out!!!