Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's all over...

Another Christmas is over and it looks like we all survived unscathed...well, except for The Godfather of Soul, George and Weezy's baby boy and President Gerald Ford.

Although there was not even a hint of snow here in the great white north, xmas spirit ran amok at the in-laws and friends. Much food was eaten, many, many, many sweets were looked upon, drooled over, then left for someone else to enjoy...and of course more than a few beers, bloody Ceasars, martinis, Moose Milk, Marguerittas, Pina Coladas, Rum/pineapple cocktails, tequila shots etc were inbibed.

Pamer's Wife and I spent Xmas eve drinking marguerittas and eating burittos and nachos while watching "Tokyo Drift" and "Lucky Number Slevin". So much for the traditional holiday movies, but to be fair I'd already watched "Scrooge" with Alastair Sim, "Christmas Vacation" and "A Christmas Story" in the days prior.

Last year it was Indian food and The Lord of the Rings triology so I guess we are starting a tradition of eating different foods and curling up to some movies. I think next year we'll try Sushi and Die Hard or something.

Pamer's Wife made a simply excellent gormet meal for Christmas Day with the parents. Atlantic Halibut with spinach, served with a creamy Shrimp Risotto and squash and rutabaga. She also made a cream puff bread with leak and asiago cheese...i couldn't eat enough of it...crispy on th outside and fluffy in the middle. So Good!!

Presents were within reason this year too (even though I protest each year that we don't need anything). I got my socks and underpants, chockies and DVD's (South Park Season 8 and Venture Brothers Season 1).

In-Laws also did something unexpected. They sprang for a Disney Holiday for the entire family in Feburary. They keep saying that we don't get together enough so this should solve it for a while at least, and really, who can say no to Mickey and Donald?

Well that's it i guess...I see this morning that we finally got some snow, only a little. The dogs will love've never seen dogs act like complete kids until you see mine whinng to go out and then roll around and slide in the snow...comical.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Thanks for reading and commenting

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Party


I have a couple of things on my mind today.

I've never said this before, but I really don't like christmas time. i don't like the commercialism, i don't like the pressure of feeling that i MUST buy presents for every person i've ever known, every kid of a person that i've ever known.

So i deceided a few years ago that I would stop.

Stop buying for no reason, stop torturing myself, stop stressing over the perfect gift and just try to enjoy the season.

People call me a scrooge.

The thing is, I love this time of year. I really enjoy getting together with family and friends and just having food and drinks and conversation and fellowship. It's wonderful, oftentimes I get to see people that i've haven't seen for the entire year.

I also really love the winters that we have here in Northern dogs and I really get a lot of exercise trudging through the winter wonderland but, yeah that's not really about christmas, we get snow 9 months a year LOL.

So am I really a scrooge because I choose to relax and avoid the stress of Mall Mania? To enjoy the season quietly?

Don't get me wrong, I still buy things for Pamer's Wife. That is soemthing that I DO enjoy but wouldn't it be nice if we could all do the same? I have lost count of the amount of people who tell me they are sick of the crowds in the stores, the huge bills, the travelling. Most tell me they can't wait for it all to be over.

Anyway, i know many of you readers will think I am nuts, that I'm a crabby old Grinch. Oh well, I can understand.

The other thing that was on my mind was our annual xmas office party.
I think the boss means well but it always bugs me. Traditionally we all get together at a local steakhouse for a dinner and festive drink. Everyone gets dressed in their finest xmas clothing and we generally have a nice time...hey it's a free meal and free drinks I really can't complain.


It's a dinner...

We sit a long dinner table so that it's impossible to socialize. You speak to the four or five people in your general vicinity and that's it. Kinda sucks.


The boss usually likes to pass out presents... this is the part that always annoys me. The boss treats employees and spouses the same. This means that if someone brings a date to the dinner, then they receive the same gift as a longtime employee. To me that means that I am no better than someone that has given nothing to the business. So all the hard work over the year means nothing at the end. Am I crazy?

It happens every year...last year I was given a 1/2 hour massage even though it is a well known fact that I hate massages, so, really I recieved nothing...

...just give us the money noramlly spent on this evening and we done with it.


Sorry for the rant.

More fun stuff in the new year and hopefully I will be conrtributing as a writer to a few other blogs. Watch For It!!

Seriously though, I want to wish everyone a great holiday. I hope you enjoy it and are able to spend the days with loved ones.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I want a new Job!

This is another reason I love Kiwis.

WELLINGTON (AFP) - New Zealanders looking for some extra curricular activity are now able to apply for the position of condom tester.

Condom manufacturer Durex is looking for test pilots of its products, and says New Zealanders were chosen because they are among the most sexually active and adventurous in the world.

"Kiwis have proven they're a sexually energetic bunch, and therefore it makes sense that a select few will have the chance to try our latest condom innovation, all in the name of research," said Durex New Zealand manager Victoria Potter.

"Durex wants to ensure that its condoms are best meeting the needs of New Zealanders, from delivering on sexual pleasure, to keeping them safe."

Potential applicants are invited to log on to and provide details as to why they believe they are up to the job.

Wife: How was your day at work today dear?
Husband: It had its ups and downs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa and His 8 Tiny Sausage Stuffers

My sausage has a first name, it's C.U.P.I.D...come on everyone sing along...My sausage has another name, it's C.O.M.E.T.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy wild meat from time to time. I've had Moose, deer and Elk as well as Musk Oxen and Caribou. I just don't especially want Reindeer at Xmas time....that makes me cry!


Reindeer Hot Dogs Served For Holiday Season
Glenview Hot Dog Stand Serves Alaskan-Made Sausages

(CBS) GLENVIEW, Ill. Instead of flying in the air, this year a holiday favorite is flying off the grill. CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports reindeer hot dogs are red hot.You know red hots and bratwurst sausage with mustard, but do you recall an exotic hotdog for all? They're lining up at "fRedhots and Fries" in Glenview for festive holiday -- say it isn't so -- reindeer hotdogs. It's kind of like venison but less gamey," said Nicholas Koshiw of Wicker Park. It's not all Rudolph on a bun, there's a little beef and pork mixed in too. "It's got a strong flavor but not overpowering," said Chicago resident Gary Wiviott. Don't call owner Fred Markoff a Grinch. He got the idea to import the hot dogs from Alaska after a ski trip there. "I was watching the dogs run the Iditarod and there was this cart selling hot dogs," Markoff said. "They were reindeer hot dogs. That's even better," he said.

"I pretended this one was Prancer," Koshiw said. "We didn't eat Rudolph today. We ate some un-faced, un-named reindeer, so I am ok with that," said Lynette Engdhal of the West Loop. "fRedhots" ordered about 200 reindeer hot dogs from Alaska. Selling for $8 a piece, Markoff is afraid he'll run out, so he's about to place his second order.


Personally I can't wait until Easter when they mix up the Bunny Stew or deep fried rabbit feet....Yumm!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Pamer's Wife got mad at me when i decided to boycott all that is Tom Cruise. This was almost 2 years ago, even before his couch jumping, Scientology spewing and general idiocy.

Stealing Katie from us to try and prove that he isn't not cool!

Anyway, Pamer's Wife has since come to my side but this article just proves once again that I rule!

Cruise crushed in popularity poll.
Absence makes the moviegoer's heart grow fonder

Couch-jumping and three-minute kisses are kind of a turn off, according to the American public.

In a USA Today/Gallup poll, Tom Cruise has been voted as the most unpopular movie star, with a significant 34 percent of the 1,003 adult voters admitting that they go out of their way to avoid the "Mission: Impossible 3" star at the theater.

The star's appeal started to wane in 2005, after his much-publicized romance with Katie Holmes and his criticism of Brooke Shields. Since then, the publicity hasn't stopped, and the American people feel that they know way too much about his baby, Suri Cruise, and his lavish Italian wedding. When "M:I3" opened in May, it took in about $12 million less than expected, despite its signifcantly wider release in 4,000-plus theaters.

The poll also shows that other overexposed celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mel Gibson have had a similar effect on moviegoers' habits, with 18 percent and 12 percent avoiding their cinematic offerings respectively.

Actually, despite Gibson's anti-Semitic comments during his DUI arrest, fans haven't turned their back on him completely. He still ranked as the fifth-highest actor that people will go out of their way to see if he's involved with a film. "The Passion of the Christ" had won him a loyal following despite its own controversy, and his latest offering, the Mayan epic "Apocalypto," opened this past weekend at No. 1.

Tom Hanks tops the list with 44 percent of the voters going out of their way to see his films. The Oscar winner helped "The Da Vinci Code" take in nearly $750 million worldwide for his role as the long-haired symbologist Robert Langdon on the search for the Holy Grail.

Following Hanks is "Departed" actor Robert DeNiro (33 percent); "Charlotte's Web" voice Julia Roberts (29 percent); "Pursuit of Happyness" star Will Smith and "The Lake House" sweetheart Sandra Bullock, both tying with 27 percent of the votes.

Isn't it weird that there are now polls to see the most unpopular stars?? Shouldn't Corey Haim top the list?

Good God Almighty

It's been 2 months since I updated this blog. I know, I know, it's totally unprofessional, selfish and very unacceptable.

I don't know what to say except that I'm sorry! I'm also aware that most of my friends are gone, tired of checking to see if I'm still around and fed up with seeing that Gary Neville post.

Let's recap...

It's always particularly busy at work during the fall and since that last post I have been everywhere man.

It started in Ottawa for 4 days wherein this poor slob ends up with back spasms and in traction in bed for a week.

Next were trips to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Thunder Bay...BORING!

A wild and flamboyant trip to Vancouver BC was promised and of course turned out to be a disaster. Floods, violent winds, brown water in our hotel room and a bout of the norwalk virus made it the worst trip ever...all the while i was expected to maintain my usual productivity for work. I had also wanted to meet an online pal but was forced to chose sleep and the cool comfort of the toilet bowl instead of a nice visit. Sorry MJ.

The latest road trip saw me head to Sault Ste Marie to do some work for the Motely Crue concert in that town. Nothing too special but i did get to set up each of the guy's dressing rooms(and clean up the mess afterward).

I also bumped into Tommy Lee in our hotel lobby (I gave him the 'guy nod', he reciprocated), went up in the elevator with his luggage and ran afoul of Mick Mars' bodyguard when I yelled at him to "have a great show!" For the record Mick walks like he's 96 years old and I had to set up a special barrier for him just offstage for when he got tired.

Finally, we set up a 300,000 dollar xmas party for the employees of a steel company, also in Sault Ste Marie. It included a special appearance by Trooper, seven course meal, champagne and three full days of work.


I know I'm whinging a bit...but i'm old and I need someone to sympathize.

Before I go a special thanks to Tink for the Spork award. Now i have lots to live up to.

Ok, that's it...look for more posts soon.